A Bay Area Home With Spanish Style

It’s amazing how good design and architecture can literally transport you to another place and time. In this Bay Area home by designer, Erin Martin, we are transported from Northern California to Spain in an instant through curved archways, rich tilework, and Moorish accents – all the elements of beautiful Spanish design. Channeling both Spain and a cool California vibe, this interior has some pretty stunning details. Pieces have been brought in from a variety of places, including West Africa, parts of Morocco and even nearby Los Angeles. A look around, and we spy some of our favorite details that make this space a treat – a great collection of kuba and suzani pillows on display. Moroccan rugs make an appearance in a number of rooms, adding both color and texture. Gorgeous Moroccan lanterns hang in the living room and cozy reading nooks for an unexpected touch. A Kelly Wearstler surf board hung on the wall celebrates the California location. And around the fireplace, a unique chevron pattern adds an interesting frame. How cool! This California pad is the perfect place to cozy up, entertain, and be whisked away to another place and time where you can just sit back and enjoy the great indoors and outdoors.


Kera’s Cozy Salt Lake City Home

It’s no secret that we are fans of Kera Thompson, the design maven behind the brand, Interwoven. We’ve featured her colorful, global collection of textiles on the blog before, and even her modern family home in Abu Dhabi. Now, in her Salt Lake City home in Utah, we get to see how this model turned boutique owner transported the pieces from her culturally-studded Middle Eastern home to a cozy west coast abode. One look inside, and it’s easy to see that while the location has changed, the cornerstones of Kera’s style remain the same. It’s the textiles that grab our attention every time. Kera has a little bit of everything – Turkish kilim pillows, embroidered Moroccan cushions, Indian kantha quits, brightly woven suzanis, and indigo Hmong pillows. These pieces can be seen throughout her home where rooms are adorned with rich global textiles. In the master bedroom, a purple kilim pillow adds a pop of color to the bed. In her daughter Elena’s room, a vintage kantha in swirling shades of pink, blue and green adds a youthful exuberance. Kera uses textiles to add both color and personal style to her interior. Blended with modern furnishings and vintage finds, Kera’s new home is a testament to cozy, global style, fit for her family of five.

The Melbourne Home of Nectar & Stone

Inspired by our book, REMIX, we bring you this series in partnership with Apartment Therapy, taking you inside the most beautiful cultural homes around the globe.

You know Caroline Khoo. With over a hundred thousand Instagram followers online, you’ve likely seen her beautiful images of desserts under the name of her company, Nectar & Stone. The Australian dessert company has become synonymous with tasty treats that are more than just sweet, but absolute works of art. Even here in the states, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the moment when this mistress of sweet treats might open up shop or start shipping across the pond. While Nectar & Stone may not be in the US just yet, we wanted to see how Caroline’s colorful and whimsical dessert style translated into her own Melbourne home, and she was nice enough to give us an exclusive peek into her space. Just one look, and it did not disappoint. The beautiful family home that she shares with her her husband Nicholas, and two young sons, Isaiah and Dimitri, is filled with personal style and lots of feminine touches (how she manages to do it living with three young men, we’ll never know). Her boys even have a love for mom’s profession, helping out as official candy tasters in the kitchen. The entire space is a wonderful extension of her brand. A completely sweet spot that’s part cozy family home, part test kitchen for her stunning desserts.

Source: Aimee Jones Photography

A Sophisticated Madrid Apartment

We’re taking you inside a stunning Madrid apartment. White walls and modern furnishings form the basis of this Spanish interior. Everything from streamlined furnishings to modern classics like the Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair are on display. But it’s the cultural pieces that provide warmth to this contemporary space. A cozy Berber rug, a leather Moroccan pouf and colorful juju hats can all be spotted within the interior, bringing doses of both color and pattern. The layers of global furnishings and textiles make this a truly beautiful place to call home.

Source: Planete Deco

Reuben Reuel

Homes of Brooklyn is a monthly series where we talk with artists, designers and tastemakers in their own spaces in the borough we love – Brooklyn. In episode 2 we take you inside the home of fashion designer, Reuben Reuel of Demestiks New York. We are sincere fans of Reuben’s work. His Dutch African wax print dresses have been spotted in Harper’s Bazaar, New York Magazine, and on some of our favorite celebrities (oh you know, just Queen Bey herself). One step into Reuben’s home and we could immediately feel the space that nurtures his creativity. From a collection of R&B records stacked in his fitting room, to the colorful display of Dutch African and vintage fabrics that are used in his work, his home is a true reflection of the soulful spirit that guides him. Click play to explore the Bed-Stuy home and studio of your new favorite fashion designer, Reuben Reuel.

AphroChic: Homes of Brooklyn: Reuben Reuel

Host: Jeanine Hays
Written By: Bryan Mason
Videography: Mae B. Films
Photography: Erika Layne Photography

Kahlana Barfield’s Fashion-Forward Brooklyn Home

The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, Dark Girls, these are all books stacked beautifully in the home of InStyle’s Fashion and Beauty Editor-At-Large, Kahlana Barfield. Her home in Brooklyn is filled with some over-the-top fashion forward style mixed in with cultural pieces, from gold-heeled shoes styled among her collection of Caribbean shot glasses, to a leather-embossed pillow accessorized with a gold butterfly pin. We like her high tops too. The perfect way to accessorize any room. Don’t you think? Click through the slideshow to check out more of Kahlana’s incredible style at home.

Source: The Coveteur

Moody Hues In An Interior By Chris Nguyen

This home by designer Chris Nguyen has a great mix of masculine elements. The dark black and blue walls are a backdrop for a space where mid-century modern furnishings take center stage. We love the clean lines, the shape of pieces like the Cherner chairs surrounding a Saarinen dining table, and the brown leather Barcelona Couch. Adding warmth to the space are bits of brass, wood elements, and some cool modern paintings that hang in the living area and bedroom. Dark, moody and cozy we’re ready to move right in.

A Tropical Oasis In Williamsburg

One of the beautiful things about life in New York is that you can walk around any corner and literally run into someone with an intriguing creative background and an interesting story. That it attracts so many creative people is part of what makes this city so amazing, and what makes house tours like this one so much fun. It was friend and photographer, Kristin Aytona, who first introduced us to this tropical oasis hiding out among the trendy spots of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood – the home of Jenny Kaplan of Aesthetic Pursuit.

This 1300-square-foot interior is filled to the brim with good design and lots (and lots) of plants and flowers that add to the interior’s tropical vibe. It’s no wonder given Jenny’s professional background. She is woman of many parts – part floral designer, part fashion stylist, and part interior designer. A graduate of Parsons School of Design, this Maine native took her life-long love for fashion and styling and turned it into a lifestyling service that covers everything from personalized shopping services, to curation of both the wardrobe and home.

Clothes, interiors and flowers, for me, all  follow a similar method of expression that speaks to my personal style. When I get new clients looking for help in home or wardrobe they generally gravitate toward my floral designs too.

In the home, which she shares with her boyfriend Chris, all three areas of Jenny’s style come together seamlessly. Dark walls and vintage furnishings create the perfect blend of masculine and feminine style. Accessories and flowers add colorful pops. And textiles and art hung from the walls add personal style.

It definitely was an organic evolution.

Still, it’s the flowers that have a special presence in Jenny’s home. It’s clear just walking through the space that she has a special passion for creating beautiful arrangements. On a trip to the flower market in Manhattan, Jenny shares her chic tips on creating floral arrangements that can stand up to the cool temperatures that we are still experiencing in early spring here in New York. Click through the slideshow to see more of this lifestyle designer’s chic Brooklyn interior and get her tips on bringing the perfect arrangements home.

{Photography and graphic design by Kristin Aytona}