New Heirlooms: The Inspiration Behind Our Latest Collection

With New Heirlooms, we have taken our unique perspective on modern design and culture in home decor and designed a collection that looks forward to a time where representation is a reflex, not a trend, and diversity is a habit rather than an act. In anticipation of that moment, New Heirlooms offers inheritable pieces that will stay with families for generations to come.

The Stylish Atollo Lamp

First crafted in 1977, this table lamp has taken on the status of icon in the 21st century. It’s geometric construction is one of the things that makes this lamp so appealing.

The Ethereal Beauty Of The Koushi Lamp

Light, delicate, and cloud-like, the Koushi Lamp by photographer Mark Eden Schooley is a true innovation in lighting.

Go Bright With Neon Lights

Decorating with neon lights is not only fun, it’s soulful. In our book, REMIX, we have a whole chapter dedicated to art that can help you bring soulful style home, and that helps you tell a unique story. One type of art in particular is closely related to the neon signs we see popping up everywhere in home decor these days – typography. Words are appealing. They have meaning, and when presented in unique typography, they can be meaningful pieces of art. Today’s on-trend neon signs fulfill that love of words, cool typographic style, and all in bright, colorful lights. These words are hard to ignore.

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Fantastic Bonbons Lighting By Ana Kraš

It is always wonderful to land upon the work of an artist whose work just leaves you going – wow! I was wowed the moment I saw the work of Ana Kraš. Her bonbons lantern collection is visually striking. Blending art and function, I love how each handmade piece offers a unique color palette and one-of-a-kind design. The lanterns remind me of Senegalese baskets. They take on a unique shape that gives each one a sculptural quality. I could see lighting a whole room in these beauties. Wouldn’t that be gorgeous? Explore all of Ana’s beautiful bonbons on her site.

{Images via Ana Kraš}

Tom Dixon’s Copper Shade Is A New Modern Classic

I love when I’m struck by a truly special piece. Many times those designs that offer a simple organic shape, a clean aesthetic and elegant design, are bound to be truly significant pieces of home decor. They are what we call modern classics. These are the pieces that you’ll want to hold onto forever. The Tom Dixon Copper Shade is a true modern classic. This British designer’s metallic shade, with its clean shape and warm sheen, is a piece that speaks to 21st century design sensibilities, offering a sense of modern luxury. It is the kind of piece that looks spectacular in homes today and it will still look amazing twenty years from now. Whether by itself or in a pair, this copper shade is an absolutely striking piece of modern design.