AphroChic Remixes The LIN Digital NewFront Lounges

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_gallery type=”flexslider_slide” interval=”0″ images=”4636,4637,4640,4638,4643,4641,4639,4642″ img_size=”full” onclick=””][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Party’s in New York are always a blast, and especially so when you get to style them yourself. Last month we styled the LIN Digital NewFront event in Chelsea. Inspired by the blog, and our book REMIX, our goal was to create culturally-inspired spaces where media editors could learn about LIN Digital’s new offerings, enjoy lunch inspired by some great food bloggers, and meet and greet one another all in a cozy environment. They were also invited to take our book home as a special gift from us.

The inspiration for the space was the event’s theme, “HELLO”. Everything was about color and making guests feel welcome, so we went with an array of bright and colorful pieces. We wanted to liven up the standard rattan sofas that you often find in outdoor furnishings and re-upholstered the seats in some beautiful vintage kantha quilts from India. To break up all the beige, we took the back cushions off of each sofa, and filled them with our own mix of AphroChic pillows. From our hand-dyed batiks made in Rwanda, to our cool Afro Silhouette pillow, the lounges were filled to the brim with inviting patterns. The final touch – rugs in variety of different shades from our favorite place for cool carpets, Malene B. We even lined the “red carpet” with a colorful array of Malene B. runners.

The final result were spaces perfect for enjoying a spring event in New York.

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6 Design Lessons from Neuehouse

Erykah Badu has been a DJ at some of their parties, Estelle has sung there, Shantell Martin drew on the walls, and Kate Middleton attended a party there. We’re talking about Neuehouse, one the coolest spots in New York. Part co-working office, event space, and cool hang pad, one step into Neuehouse and you immediately feel at home. Architect and Designer David Rockwell has crafted an innovative interior that is functional, and so very stylish. Filled with classic, tailored furnishings, rustic details, a cool collection of art, and layers of global objects, we thought it would be great to distill some of the key takeaways from the design of a space that is equal parts work and play. Click through the slideshow for 6 design lessons from Neuehouse.

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A Peek Into An Interior Design Photographer’s Portfolio

In my life, photography has come to fill a number of different roles. It is my passion, certainly; my hobby and my preferred form of artistic expression. As a professional, I have to have a portfolio of my work. Putting together a strong portfolio can be a good first step to determining what your initial area will be. And while I will always have a diverse portfolio of work, I have learned the value of being able to distill a consistent voice out of my work for presentation.

Interior design photographer Patrick Cline shares portfolio tips.

AphroChic: A Peek Into An Interior Design Photographer's Portfolio

AphroChic: A Peek Into An Interior Design Photographer's Portfolio

AphroChic: A Peek Into An Interior Design Photographer's Portfolio

Patrick Cline is the Founder of UPLO and a contributor for AphroChic on Read his full article, Interior Angle with Patrick Cline: Starting Your Portfolio, here. 

A Living Room ReupholSTORY With Chairloom

When we spoke with HGTV about writing an article on all things upholstery and featuring the team at Chairloom, we have to admit it was for selfish reasons. Long-time admirers of Molly Andrews and Tracy Jenkins and the incredible work they do giving second-hand pieces new life, we mostly wanted to take a day to head over to Ardmore and admire one of their latest projects – the reupholstery of an entire living room suite for a Main Line family room. Looks like we made the right call. Our team worked to bring this shoot to life, and trust us, this is one reupholSTORY you won’t want to miss.

AphroChic: A Living Room ReupholSTORY With Chairloom


AphroChic: A Living Room ReupholSTORY With Chairloom


AphroChic: A Living Room ReupholSTORY With Chairloom


AphroChic: A Living Room ReupholSTORY With Chairloom


AphroChic: A Living Room ReupholSTORY With Chairloom


AphroChic: A Living Room ReupholSTORY With Chairloom


Photography by Leon Shipp Belt / Styling by Angela Belt

This is an original AphroChic piece created for Read the full article here.

Decorating with Kilims

Kilims absolutely rank among my favorite rugs. The flat-woven carpets are perfect for any space. Just one can make a statement under a table, or you can layer three or four kilim area rugs to create a unique patterned grid in a living area. With roots that span from the Balkans to Pakistan, you can find kilims infused with unique cultural patterns and color palettes. Whether you have a desire to bring global style home, or if you’re looking for something with rich color and pattern, look no further than these hand-woven carpets.

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Blue Sofas Are In

Yesterday, I was reading through my issue of Porter Magazine and landed upon one of their trends for Spring/Summer 2014 – the color blue. According to Porter, American’s overwhelming love the shade this season, and even in interiors the shade is popping up everywhere. From cobalt, to electric, to navy, I’m feeling these sophisticated shades of blue in the home. Fast becoming a new neutral, on the walls and on furnishings, blue hues are making a statement. The color is super luxe when paired with metallics like brass and gold, and fresh and beachy in bright white spaces. Here are a few of my favorite rooms where shades of blue are making a big impact.

Check out our Color Crush: Blue Pinterest board for more moody blue inspiration.

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Update Your Floors With Striking Patterns

Bring pattern right down to your floors. With paint and hand-crafted tiles you can truly make a statement under foot. Step into pattern with these inspirational spaces.

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These Homes Prove That Wood And Metal Are The Perfect Combination

The combination of wood and metallic accents is one of my favorites right now. Metallic accents add that sense of high drama to a space in the form of chandeliers, industrial accents, and details on furniture. And raw, organic wood adds a cool rustic touch that can bring even the most luxurious space back down to earth. The end result is a combination that’s beautifully suited for today’s modern home where luxe and a casual aesthetic can easily go hand-in-hand.

See more of my favorite wood and metallic accessories for the home on Houzz.

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