Become An Art Collector: The Uprise Art Shop

Wondering about the latest art trends? In search of original pieces? Looking to discover cutting edge artists? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Uprise Art is for you. The company, founded by friend, Tze Chun, offers a stunning gallery of original pieces for budding art collectors. Innovative artists including Jen Wink, Zoe Pawlak and even Jaime Derringer of Design Milk, are represented by the site. The artists are connected with collectors like you and me, who are looking to bring some unique pieces home. Not your typical art site, Uprise Art hosts events, open studio tours, and now they have a new shop that I am just loving! Pick your favorite pieces for under $800 – a steal for original works that are signed by the artist. Here are a few of my favorites that I think will fit beautifully into my own budding art collection.

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Kemi Mai’s Surreal PhotoShop Illustrations

I love it when people explore new mediums to engage their artistic ability. Kemi Mai is an 18-year-old British artist whose work recently grabbed my attention on Instagram. I fell in love with her beautiful portraiture, and also the story behind how the pieces are made.  For the past two years this self-taught artist has been using PhotoShop and a tablet to create the images you see below. Beautiful, feminine, and evocative, these PhotoShop illustrations go beyond what we think can be done with tech tools, and I love that! It’s wonderful to find the unexpected in the world of art.

For more from Kemi Mai check out her Instagram and Tumblr.

The Everlast Series By Jeffrey Gibson

Jeffrey Gibson’s Everlast series is something that I just can’t get enough of. The artist has taken the traditional punching bag and elevated it to a work of art. Using materials including blankets, paint, acrylic and beading, these bags are transformed into stunning pieces of sculpture. I want one, two, no all of them for my home! Check out more from this incredible artist on his site.

Sonia Delaunay’s Iconic Prints Are An Inspiration For Modern Home Decor

Sonia Delaunay is an artist whose work I truly admire, and who constantly inspires my work as a textile designer. Her prints, that offer geometric abstraction, and a vibrant and colorful display, are something that I come to again and again when working on new AphroChic pieces. It was one of her triangle designs that I fell in love with so much that I had to place it in our home in the form of a rug (above). I wanted to share some of Sonia’s work with you today. From the vivid palettes, to the hand-painted forms, I truly hope her work will inspire and spark your creativity too.

To learn more about Sonia Delaunay I recommend reading Color Moves: Art & Fashion by Sonia Delaunay.

Stina Persson: Perfectly Flawed

There are few artists whose work is as evocative of Stina Persson. Stina’s latest work moves away from the air-brushed and digitally altered images we see in the fashion world. The attempt to make everyone look perfect in fashion has impacted Stina’s own work and illustrations. These pieces are presented in their natural state, without any scanning or retouching. Beautiful!