A Modern Marrakech Oasis

We spend a lot of time looking at what’s inside a home, but sometimes the exterior of a home can be just as stunning as the interior. This modern Moroccan home is a perfect example. A beautiful Marrakech oasis, this home’s exterior offers a cool and serene environment for rest and contemplation. It’s the perfect Moroccan retreat. With a soft color palette as the backdrop, every element shines outside this home. A quick tour highlights so many beautiful architectural details. A soaking pool sports a modern design. Freshly scattered rose petals add a layer of unexpected color. To add texture, grass-hewn furnishings have been used. The chaise lounges are the perfect place to sit and enjoy the great outdoors for a moment, or maybe even all day. Black framed doorways and windows continue the modern feel of this home. They are truly a unique architectural detail, adding picture windows that allow you to look onto the home’s gardens from the inside. A look outside, and you see cacti arranged like sculptures – perfect pieces of outdoor art. The pop of green adds a wonderful natural touch. Down some stairs, and a hidden nook is another place to retreat. Black and white fabric has been used to upholster an outdoor bed, just hidden beneath a carved stone wall. The entire design of this exterior is a call to stay outside just a little bit longer to enjoy the great outdoors.


AphroChic Remixes The LIN Digital NewFront Lounges

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_gallery type=”flexslider_slide” interval=”0″ images=”4636,4637,4640,4638,4643,4641,4639,4642″ img_size=”full” onclick=””][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Party’s in New York are always a blast, and especially so when you get to style them yourself. Last month we styled the LIN Digital NewFront event in Chelsea. Inspired by the blog, and our book REMIX, our goal was to create culturally-inspired spaces where media editors could learn about LIN Digital’s new offerings, enjoy lunch inspired by some great food bloggers, and meet and greet one another all in a cozy environment. They were also invited to take our book home as a special gift from us.

The inspiration for the space was the event’s theme, “HELLO”. Everything was about color and making guests feel welcome, so we went with an array of bright and colorful pieces. We wanted to liven up the standard rattan sofas that you often find in outdoor furnishings and re-upholstered the seats in some beautiful vintage kantha quilts from India. To break up all the beige, we took the back cushions off of each sofa, and filled them with our own mix of AphroChic pillows. From our hand-dyed batiks made in Rwanda, to our cool Afro Silhouette pillow, the lounges were filled to the brim with inviting patterns. The final touch – rugs in variety of different shades from our favorite place for cool carpets, Malene B. We even lined the “red carpet” with a colorful array of Malene B. runners.

The final result were spaces perfect for enjoying a spring event in New York.

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Stylish Ideas For A Summer Picnic

It’s time to break out the picnic baskets, colorful throw blankets, and your prettiest melamine plates and flatware. It’s picnic season! Stylish blanketside gatherings with friends are a must this time of year. It’s just a matter of putting together all of the right elements to throw a super chic outdoor event.

AphroChic: Stylish Ideas For A Summer Picnic

For a unique backdrop to all of the yummy food you’ll be serving, gather your favorite scarves, pillows and blankets to create an eclectic lounge area. We love the idea of mixing cultural pieces like kilim pillows, suzani blankets and a few Persian rugs for a colorful display.

AphroChic: Stylish Ideas For A Summer Picnic

For picnic parties, think about bringing in unique seating. Cushions are wonderful and comfy for guests and poufs are perfect too. Look for poufs in summer shades like bright white, pastel pink or sunshine yellow for an unexpected touch.

AphroChic: Stylish Ideas For A Summer Picnic

Layer a few of your favorite rugs to define the picnic area. Don’t worry about a matching design or color palette. A funky mix of bright area rugs with geometric designs will create a modern and vibrant display.

AphroChic: Stylish Ideas For A Summer Picnic

And if you’re feeling daring, put up a tent to create an intimate space for a casual luncheon. This is the perfect spot for a romantic picnic for two.

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Fun Summer Planters For Outdoor Decorating

Summer has arrived, the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising! Blooming flowers and the fresh foliage are some of the things we love most about summertime. Bright buds and green shrubs add a punch of color to your outdoor space making it feel alive and vibrant. One of the best ways to incorporate some more color, pattern, or texture into your backyard space is with planters. Though they haven’t always been the most scintillating option for outdoor decorating, today’s planters are statement pieces that can really help to bring your space together. You can mix and match them with your plants to create a look that is perfect for your yard or patio. Here are our favorite colorful, stylish planters for the 2014 summer season.

AphroChic: Fun Summer Planters For Outdoor DecoratingAphroChic: Fun Summer Planters For Outdoor DecoratingAphroChic: Fun Summer Planters For Outdoor Decorating

Sam Schriemer is the author of Sam Schriemer Design & Lifestyle and a contributor for AphroChic on Read the full article here.


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Bring Cultural Style Home With Modern Tiles

There are so many ways to bring cultural elements into a home, and tile is one of my favorites. With a history spanning centuries, buildings covered in ceramic tiles can be found everywhere in the ancient world, from Portugal to Morocco. Spanish tile, Italian tile – many countries have a long-time tradition of using tiles in the home, making this a truly a global element to bring into interiors today. In modern interiors, tile can make a beautiful statement, particularly when neutral tiles are used to create a patchwork design. Lay out a bathroom floor in a mix of your favorite black and white patterns. Update a living room floor with a mix of tiles in shades of gray. And add golden tile to your living rooms walls for a glamorous focal point.

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Black Walls Are The New Trend In Outdoor Decorating

After two days in New York we’ve been having a ton of fun. Last night was spent enjoying the summer weather and a rooftop party in Soho for the relaunch of Lonny. During the party I was enjoying some very cool outdoor spaces, and was inspired to think a little more about contemporary outdoor living and the latest feature these days – dark, black walls. While many outdoor spaces are defined by fences, brick walls and even glass, for an unexpected dose of glamour, black walls are making an appearance. Not only do they frame an outdoor space, but black walls add contrast to the bright pops of color normally found in outdoor decor. Whether you’re lining your outdoor seating with vibrant kilims, or laying out on a colorful reclining chair, black walls are the perfect backdrop to colorful outdoor furnishings and accessories that you want to pop!

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